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White wall paint question--X-post in paints

15 years ago

We are considering using Frostine for our walls (instead of using BM White 01 again) in the kitchen/LR/DR....; it is the "whitest" Affinity white.

If you've used it, how does it "read" (white? off?)? It appears to be identical in intensity (brightness) to the 01, but warmer, which I might want (01 is a bit more stark white perhaps). I love my white walls, but since we're re-painting, thought I'd look at another white or two to see if I like either of them any better.

The other color in contention is Chantilly Lace. The sample patches I painted appear much lighter/brighter in intensity than the other two whites; is it too much so when the entire room is painted with it (e.g. blindingly white)?

Please don't suggest any other whites. I know everyone has his/her faves, but I've narrowed my choices deliberately (and need to decide soon!).

Note: whichever white we choose, we will be using Aura paint in a matte finish on the walls and ceilings, and the same color in the Aura satin finish for the base moldings. All doors and door jambs are a light-stained oak.