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Can you blend your own paint colors?

16 years ago

We are in the process of purchasing a couple of small homes to be used as rental properties. We should've closed today but neither bank was able to gain clear title yet, ugh! But in any case it has bought me more time to try and think of money saving ideas. My question is:

Have you ever used paint you've purchased for previous projects and mixed them up to create a new paint color?

Did it work? Any tips? A no-no?

I was going to post this over in "Paint" but it doesn't seem to get much traffic.

I've got lots of good white paint (over bought a couple years ago) and I've got leftover paints from various rooms/projects in my own home.

Example: I was going to go with a very pale blue in the Master Bedroom (has a blue vinyl stick on tile floor in good condition so I'm going with it). My brilliant (or maybe not) idea whilst looking at all the paint piled up in the corner of my garage last night was to take one of the big buckets, pour in some white paint, and then add in smidges of DD's left over "Costa Rica Blue" in order to make my own very pale light blue. I think I'd have to stir until my arm went numb but it might just work.

Any advice greatly appreciated, and much thanks in advance,


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