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Should I Open Up The Kitchen Pass Through or No? Advice Needed!!!

13 years ago

Hey guys!

I just recently purchased my first condo and I'm all ready to start some renovations. My place is a loft style with exposed brick walls, high exposed wood ceilings. I'm putting in some new granite Caledonia countertops soon, but the issue I'm having with updating the kitchen is to open up the pass through window or not. Currently it's a little low and you need to bend down slightly to see into the living room to talk to guests. The kitchen is quite small as it is and the only natural light is through this pass through. On the other side of the pass through are the large loft windows. My thought is to rip down the four small cabinets above the window and open the window parallel with the top of the hallway entering the living room. This would allow for natural light to fill the kitchen and make it easier to have a conversation with the people in the living room while you cook. I'm concerned after I remove the cabinets there will be an insufficient amount of cabinet space. But this is only a two bedroom place and the kitchen is not designed for a large family. I'm sure the remaining cabinets would work.

Take a look at the photos and let me know what you think. Any suggestions are appreciated!

From Condo
From Condo
From Condo
From Condo


PS: I know I posted in both discussions and the gallery. I realized that discussions is probably the best place for this post after I made the original post. Sorry for double posting!

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