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Kitchen pass-through - a bar on other side? help!

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Family’s rent house got pretty well torn up, so I am fixing it to sell. (This is the first time I am doing something like this.)

The kitchen originally had a weird step-like cut-out into the living room. (Pics below) The LR is a converted garage. We’re keeping the original kitchen layout and adding more cabinets/counter in a bump-out (the alcove).

THIS is the problem area:

Basic & Background Info:

  • The kitchen is about 14” higher than the LR floor.
  • Just below the new, larger, rectangular pass-through, on the LR side, is a 3:-high raised area - this was usually to accommodate the workshop area.
  • The bottom edge of the pass through is about 42” from the K floor, and 51” from the raised area.
  • In the picture, the doorway goes to the dining area, the wall even w/doorway is the laundry room, and the wall even with the pass-through is, or will be, behind the refrigerator.
  • The current plan is the white shaker cabinets will have a marbles-looking counter in light gray; appliances are stainless; fixtures are basically brushed-nickle
  • And no wall cabinets on the wall of the LR/pass-through side.
  • K/DR are tile floors, the LR will be very low pile carpet (the original attempt to level the floor didn’t work, so it’s sloped and uneven - best bet for our restricted budget.
  • The current plan is to have a step into the LR to replace the current ¼ circle with something more square or rectangular and covered with the K/DR tile

The Delimma:

What do I do on the LR side of the pass-through?

First, we thought - Oh, we’ll do a bar!

- Sit down height? Or tall stool or standing height?

- If there is a stool, with the 3’ depth of the raised area mean people will push back and fall off?

- Do we extend the 3” level to extend further into the room, so there’s more space?

- Do we raise the floor to the same height as the step-down into the room?

- Do we tile that, too?

- IF we raise the bar area height, should that carry from the doorway to the bar area, like a 2-3’ boardwalk or sidewalk or sorts?

- Should the bar extend from wall to wall? Or only as far as the opening?

- If it is at the pass-through level, should it be the same material as counters?

- How deep should this be? 16”? 18”?

- Do I need supports? What kind - should they show, or not?

- Should I line the opening (of pass-through) with stained wood for warmth? It has to be pine, b/c I can’t afford anything else! If so, should I also have the doorway be cased in the same wood color? Or just white paint wood like baseboards?

- I had junction boxes installed for pendant lights, but a) I’m afraid they’re too far into the LR, and b) I have no idea what style to do! Most everything is can lights, and I’m not super good with the decor stuff.

Then I start to ponder:

* Should I just make it a big (huge) window seat type thing with storage under?

* Should I stick a couch here?

* Should I put wall cabinets against the wall, under the window, put a counter on top of them?

I will attach photos, and plans that I drew.

I’ve never used this service option before, and am new to Houzz; if you need any other info, or pictures or anything, please let me know. We’re still knee deep in this!

This is the basic floor plan - original hand-drawn. Front door is lower left, Kitchen upper right.

The Kitchen from the living room. Original cabinets - over 3' deep, and counter hung off the front about 4-5"

With cabinets & carpet removed. You can see the raised level:

Original kitchen, from dining area

Street side of the living room, the ugly behemoth in the corner has to stay, as it will take permits, ceiling and roof repair, and re-fixing the floor to get it out. Ugh!

Shoot - upside down! This is how the kitchen and laundry room is laying out; we went for option b). The tentative bar is drawn in there...

Pass-through now, from Kitchen side.

And from LR side - still have that pesky 3" step...

Couple of sketchy idea for this window:

Original front:

Current look: (still picking door color)

Master BR and front center BR floors, at first. (now full of tools ;and sheetrock dust!

This is one way the flow could be improved, and keep the 4th bedroom. Move front door, and carve a foyer out of the front-center bedroom.

This is the plan I really wanted, but moving kitchen, front door, etc... no way

Thanks, everyone!

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