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I don't feel spit-pollished yet, but I'm home!

16 years ago

Hi everybody!

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts. I see Tom managed to actually post a thread by himself. Isn't he great! He has been very attentive and I don't know what I'd ever do without him.

The procedure must have worked although it took twice as long as planned and I coughed my fool head off the whole time in the hospital. I slept right through even the time of lying flat on my back for hours after -- very likely do to "over-medication."

I came home on Sat afternoon, but still felt like a basket case.(This was due to that cough.)

We have only one hospital in the central MN area and they monoplize the medical care to the point of no choices. I could write a book about the stupidity, lacking in care, and non-ability to carry things from one department to another, BUT that will have to be another thread sometime.

Did you hear me when I yelled at you all? I told you to stop stareing at my "bed-hair." You were all lined up around the perimeter of the room with plastered-on smiles. LOL

I know they were all real smiles from some of the sweatest people I know.


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