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Cabinet Coat over high gloss oil paint -steps?

13 years ago

I painted bathroom cabinets a couple years ago and used Cabinet Coat over high gloss oil paint, but now I don't remember the process - specifically if I need to prime or not. I know it says it is not necessary to prime with Cabinet Coat, but I read other threads where people said they still did. I am going to repaint some windowsills that my dog scratched up. I'd rather not prime if it isn't necessary, but if it would be better to,

- should I use an oil based primer or water based (have some Kilz of both kinds on hand)?

- Also, is it ok to use the 2 year old remaining Cabinet Coat I already have?

- What grit sand paper should I use to scuff it up?

- And lastly, can I just do one coat?

Thanks for your expertise and help!

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