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Bumper stickers or personalized.......

14 years ago

license plates. Another post made me think of this, what bumper stickers or personalized license plates have caught your eye?

I can think of three. I saw a big, totally decked out, pick up, come into a parking lot. Out came the driver, a real cute tiny gal. The bumper sticker on it said......No this is NOT my boyfriends truck!!

We had a friend who worked for the railroad. The B.S on his car said, My other car is a locomotive.

Another one, my friend and I were parking at Walmart and there was a cute little MG convertible parked there and the owner was standing next to it. He had a world-class beer belly and the BS said This is my Babe Magnet. We laughed all the way into the store.

Have you seen any that you thought was funny or thought provoking??

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