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Boys and girls and closed doors.

19 years ago

I have a 17yo boy who I'm having a bit of a disagreement with right now. The rule has always been that the bedroom door stays open when a girl is over. However, sometimes I have let that rule go when he had a group of friends over in his room. He has a tv and computer in his room, so I know they feel more comfortable being in there sometimes rather than the family room and I don't have a problem with that. But a female friend, although he insists it's only a friend and it may be, bothers me to be in his room with him with the door closed. I suppose if they were going to have sex, they could find a place to have it if not here, but it doesn't seem right. He thinks I'm being rediculous and beings that he's almost 18, I'm wondering if I should let up on that rule. I was never allowed to have a boy in my bedroom when I grew up even with the door open, but times have definitely changed since then.

What do you think?

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