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Your advice: Paint Color Mistake (painting in progress)

11 years ago

Hi, I have been working on my front bathroom and have some serious doubts about the paint I am putting up there! Took a break to post these pix and ask your advice. Make it lighter? Change it entirely?? Your thoughts.

Specs: Small room 6x10, no natural light. Bought cherry/kona colored cabinet and will use same granite from my kitchen. Large mirror.

Primed room. Selected Behr Sonata blue 530E-3 and thought it would be light enough. Seemed the best match with other finishes going in. However, it is going on much darker. You'd think I'd know better by now, I usually don't make these mistakes. On the other hand, I'm quite talented at second guessing myself.

My idea: Paint the whole room (now that I'm in) and then go get the same color in a much lighter amount of tint. How do I tell HD?

My bathroom before we gutted it:

New cabinet. Sorry, photo is a little grainy w/out flash, when I use flash it makes the cab look orange and really it's more a cherry undertone.

My granite. IRL, Sonata Blue paint I picked is very close to light blue in it)

Here is a link that might be useful: Behr Sonata Blue Paint

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