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Annie's Chewy Molasses Cookies

13 years ago

Wow! What a fantastic recipe! Annie, my sincere thanks for this recipe. My Mom asked me to make some cookies for her Ladies' Prayer group that meets on Tuesdays. I perused recipes for two days before deciding on this recipe. The flavors in this cookie just seemed "right" to celebrate the beginning of autumn in Florida (thank God it's finally here!).

And now, Erin would like to add her comments: I honestly think it is one of my favorite cookies so far. And our chihuahua loves them (she'll eat almost anything you give her). And I love them with coffee and so does everyone else. And at first when I heard the word "molasses" I thought I wouldn't like them but I tried them and i loved them! And I said "Who made these!?" and I finished the first cookie and then I grabbed 3 more cookies and chomped them down. And I sat down in the chair and stretched for a few minutes and I watched TV for another few minutes and I stretched again and I watched TV again so anyways my mom and I just wanted to tell you how delicious the cookies were.


Erin and Pat

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