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'Healthier' molasses cookies

14 years ago

Elery and I are going to Ohio this weekend to visit his Dad and stepmom. She's been sick for a while, in and out of the hospital. She's lost a lot of weight and says nothing tastes good, plus she's diabetic.

Elery asked me to see if I could come up with a healthier molasses cookie, something she loves. So, because it was over 90F again today, I decided to bake, LOL.

I took my molasses cookie recipe and cut it in half. I replaced the sugar with Brown Sugar Splenda and half the flour with whole wheat flour. 1/4 of the shortening was replaced with apple sauce and I left the salt out entirely.

Before baking I dipped the top in more Splenda.

Now, I know she can't eat a handful of these, even with the changes, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I cut the fat by 1/3 and added the whole wheat without much of a compromise in texture. They are a bit "cakier" than my original "chewy" cookie, but not so much they are unacceptable to me:


I also made three loaves of honey wheat bread, no pictures because you've seen that before. And since I had the oven on, I decided to make some sugar free strawberry jam to take along with the bread:

the jam is much paler than my usual low sugar recipe, but it does taste good.


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