cell phone rant!!!!!!


Let me preface this rant by stating that my kids are generally polite. I have tried to teach them manners.


This isn't just my kids either.

Is anyone else tired of listening to others conversations everywhere, with the only recourse being to isolate yourself? I don't WANT to hear things that should be personal in the supermarket, thank you.

I have told all my kids that, for whatever reason, when they are on their cellphones, they are much louder, and probably don't realize it.

I have been IN THE MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE and if a the phone rings, it's more important. Texts get answered before I do!This also happens with friends. What happened to phone courtesy?

Sorry. just a rant (climbing down off soapbox...).

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I know what you mean!! I absolutely HATE seeing people walking through the grocery store ignoring their kids while one handed pushing a cart around and talking on the cell!

Sometimes I think cell phones are ruining society.

But they are just so darn convenient at times...lol!

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Me to !!

I think mothers should not talk on their phones whilst they have a child under their control.

I have seen a mother breast feeding her baby, whilst talking on the phone ! Breast feeding is such a special bonding time, between you and your child. Gazing into each others eyes. Imagine what a baby sees when the mother is on the phone ! The child would grow up emotionally detached from the mother. I think the close proximity of the phone near the baby, who has a thin membrane of skin on their head, where their skull has not fused - is a cause for concern. Cancer is a real threat.

I don't like the way these phones intrude on people's lives. I don't want to talk to someone whilst I am in the supermarket thinking about what to get for dinner.

I agree with you mom2emall - cell phones (we call them mobile phones in Australia) are running our society.

My 21 year old daughter can send text messages without even looking at the keypad, she has sent thousands of them!

(sigh) how did we ever do without them !

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