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Teenager in need of Parental Daughter Advice.

21 years ago

I am 17 years old and I am dating a 16 year old girl with a long distance relationship. We are in love and want to be together when we are older.

Her mom is crazy about me. She is a Clown by trait (she just got into it and magic) but she is very spiritual too. She loves talking to me every few months, and we get into deep conversations about God and Toria; girlfriend. She tells everyone, I am a good guy to be in her's and her daughter's life. But furthermore she is accepting of me to stay over on occassions because we are far apart. She allows me to sleep in Toria's bed infact-- Toria is not in their when it is time to sleep. I was wondering why she would make me sleep in her daughter's bed?

Next thing is Toria and I have been talking a little bit, making such a talk that we are ready to go further, but since I am a guy it feels to be as though she is playing around with me openinly and not really meaning that, like if we were playing a little game we made up. But being that I am a male gender, I feel as though she may be for real about this... What should I do or say?

Last, I wanted to have a feminie approach to this because I do get along and good relationships with my girlfriend's mother. I feel as though if I could bond with her mom she may be more open to me if she sees things happening between her daughter's relationship. Could it be true that she may be seeing sexual desires in her daughter which she would aimlessly not allow her daughter to come down to my place for the winter break because not only does she want to give her daughter her rights as a young adult, but she wants me to know that it may end up being what I think it is myself?

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