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My daughter doesn't want to do it anymore....

21 years ago

My first grader has a girl in her class *Ashley* who has vision problems. It's severe enough that this girl needs someone to bring her to the bathroom, to the nurse, etc. whenever she has to go since she can't see very well.

Since school started in September, my daughter has been chosen by her teacher (and I think, by Ashley herself) to be the "buddy". That means everytime Ashley needs to go somewhere outside of the classroom, my daughter has to accompany her. At first it was such a novelty for my daughter. She didn't mind doing it at all.

Lately though, she has been complaining to me that she's getting tired of doing it. I've been thinking of asking the teacher to choose another classmate to be the "buddy" but somehow I'm unsure if I should do it. Am I being unreasonable and lacking in compassion if I requested this?

In my last parent-teacher conference, the teacher told me that she gave my daughter this responsibility because she is smart and she feels she would be able to catch up right away if she missed certain things in the classroom. She also said my daughter knows her way around the school whereas some of the first graders don't even know where the nurse's office is. Last night my daughter said to me ," Mom, I'm sick and tired of doing it. I've been doing this for 5 months now. Why can't my teacher ask someone else to do it?"

What should I do? Should I ask the teacher to get someone else or should I just tell my daughter to be "kind" and just continue what she has been doing?

Thanks for any input.

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