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A couple of months ago on one of the fashion TV shows there was a segment about designer J. Maskrey.

She makes "skin jewelry" She puts Swarovski crystals on double sided tape that become bracelets, necklaces and "tattoos" that sell for a pretty penny.

j. maskrey

I was taken by the bracelet in the picture and wondered if I couldn't do something similar with my printer, embossing powder, stamps and beedz. I didn't have tape and used cold laminate to make a bracelet. It worked fine. Trim very close to the design and stick it on.

I wanted something that I could put in cards or little purses to give my niece and young friends. They seem to be enchanted with most anything that sparkles.

The stick on them only lasts maybe three times but Maskrey says to use eyelash glue after that.

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This idea of yours sound very intriguing! Can you post a pic of any of your experiments?
I found some crystal "skin jewelry" at Big Lots. They were simple necklaces, like a diamond or lattice design. The tops of the crystals were stuck to a clear tape, then the bottoms had a sticky glue on each one of them and they were stuck to another strip of a non-sticky white vinyl. The white vinyl peeled easily away leaving the sticky bottoms of the stones exposed and the tops still stuck to the "tape". You pressed it around your neck and the stones stick to your skin while the tape peels away. Since they were only .99 each I bought all they had, and have been using the crystals on my holiday cards and other projects. All I do is use a tweezers to pluck each crystal off the plastic and put in messy glue!

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I didn't keep my experiments since they were a mess by the time I was through futzing with them. I was testing embossing the laminate from my printer and had varying degrees of success with flexiblity..mostly just fine. Then I was testing with liquid crystal. I don't have much in the way of inks but am casting my eye towards my art glitter and gold pens.

It seems to be similar to the jewels you have but it goes on as a single piece. I think this would be a great us for your find.

Here are a few more links to see some of this skin jewelry. It looks to me that the 3D butterflies are glittered on both sides of the top layer. These could be cute on clothes too and use Aleen's stick it again and again. I just thought there was a ton of insipration here.

For Valentine's Day I try to give "wearable hugs" as a little gift and have done earrings and pins and I think some version of this idea will be for this year. Maybe for Easter too.

j. maskrey at Browns

j. maskrey at Big Boutique

Warning! This site has some "fashion nudity"

j. maskrey summer collection

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I wanted something that I could put in cards or little purses to give my niece and young friends. They seem to be enchanted with most anything that sparkles.

Sounds like DH's niece! I don't think she has one thing that's without a rhinestone, glitter, sparkly threads or some kind of glitz. I'll bet she would love some tattoos for her clothes -- What am I saying? I want an bracelet like that! LOL!
Not sure I understand, though... Do you use embossing powder? What kind of laminate? What is liquid crystal? And how do you get the art glitter to stay?

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I had the name wrong it's Crystal Laquer. The stuff that used on shrink art to give it a little dimension. Sprinkle the glitter on that.

I just looked at the bottle and sitting next to it was a bottle of clear Gallery Glass paint. That might work too!

I used the JM laminating sheets from Wal-Mart and tried embossing powder on them on a design I had printed from the computer.

Shoot, I only spent 10 minutes playing with the whole idea so I can't give a real set of instructions only inspiration.

If I ever do get something together, you will be the first to see it.

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