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Colorwheel paint vs. Benjamin Moore

9 years ago

For our build, I have been looking extensively at BM paint colors. I get the sense BM is good paint, as it is wildly popular.

We met with our GC who totally poo-pooed BM. He said the coverage is not good, & takes way too many coats, thus being inefficient & costly. He HIGHLY recommended Colorwheel, which frankly, I haven't ever even heard of. We are in Florida, & according to Colorwheel's web site:
Color Wheel is a leading paint manufacturer dedicated to delivering products formulated to meet the climatic conditions of the Southeastern United States. For 50 years Color Wheel Paint has been formulating innovative products to resist fading, chalking, mildew and organic growth common to Florida's harsh sub-tropical climate. Color Wheel consistently outperforms the national competition by exceeding our customers' needs for quality, price and performance. "

GC said we would be much happy in the end with Colorwheel & the maintenance is a dream. He said if the kids write on the wall, you will never be able to tell where we re-touched it using Colorwheel, but the same could not be said for BM. I'm scratching my head a bit, as I don't think BM would not be so popular if it is crap. He said we could also do SW Duration, however he said Colorwheel outperforms SW, too.

Ay thoughts? Thanks!

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