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Help with colors, other curb appeal stuff

11 years ago

Some of you may have seen this picture in the small house forum so I figure I'll ask here.

As if you can't tell this is a 1950s ranch. I'm a late 20s male who lives alone so my color matching ability does not work too well lol.

First I need some suggestions:

1) I really dread the faded yellow look of the house. The previous owners went a little crazy as this faded yellow is all inside the house too. In the spring time I plan on tearing out most of the enclosed entry way and replacing the front door but keeping the roof so most of the siding will be gone. I started painting the rear of the house's trim white and painted the downspouts to better hide with the brick but dang the white just looks so plain (though I like it 10x better than the dingy, faded yellow).

2) Any suggestions on the plants? I trimmed down the bushes from what you see in the pictures but I'm tempted to get rid of the bushes altogether, they just seem like this gigantic heap.

3) You may not be able to tell but the sidewalk is badly heaved from the roots of that gigantic maple tree in the front yard. I plan on demolishing the sidewalk, building up the area so the roots aren't as noticeable then using interlocking pavers to rebuild the sidewalk. The other options are- ditch the tree, or make the sidewalk go around the tree.

Any suggestions, particularly on accent colors would be great. I know the brick is kinda ugly but I DO NOT plan on painting it.


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