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Picnic tablecloths?

10 years ago

Hopefully this isn't too far off-topic. I am planning my daughter's birthday at a nearby park. We will have three reserved picnic tables. I will try to get the exact measurements today, but they are fairly typical rectangular picnic tables.

I'd like to cover the tables with something festive, reusable and machine washable. Dd loves bright colors so I am thinking a rainbow theme for the party. Perhaps the table clothes could simply be three different solid colors as I am thinking of custom made pinwheels that can be decoration and party favor and they can help carry the rainbow them, along with napkins in the rainbow colors. I wouldn't be totally opposed to actual rainbow tablecloths, but I think solid colors might be more conductive to reusing at future events.

And there is definitely a budget here. These won't get more than two or three uses a year I'd guess so I don't want to spend a ton on them. Maybe under $50 all in, if that's possible.

Any thoughts on type of fabric or places to look or links?

Thank you so much!

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