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Uneven paint after primer and 3 coats--HELP

16 years ago

HELPÂHELP! My house is about 2 years old & IÂm trying to paint my laundry room only to find that IÂm having HUGE problems. The walls were originally a light cream and now I am painting a very light violet. I first primed my walls with what LoweÂs says is their best primer...let it dry for about 10 hrs and followed with 3 coats of satin American Tradition paint(I did wait 1 day between each coat.) After ALL that... my walls still look blotchy- almost striped in some areas even thought the color is exactly the same and the paint is giving great coverage (really after one coat.) In those blotching areas it looks as though itÂs a different sheen than the rest of the wall as if the paint soaked into the wall in certain spots. On one wall if you look just right it looks like I had tried to do sheen striping. Looking texture appears very even however, if you feel along the wall those blotchy spots do feel rougher and dryer than the rest of the smooth painted wall.

I also had one medium spot on one of my bedroom walls that did the same thing and I just figured they must have had to repair that spot so it didnÂt exactly match. In wondering what the heck is wrong with my walls I did a complete house inspection and I noticed the same random blotching throughout different parts of the house---I just hadnÂt noticed it since all my walls are such a light cream and you wouldnÂt notice it unless youÂre looking for it.

Over the past year I have painted almost all the rooms in my home--- all using American Tradition from LoweÂs and I have never had difficulty with quality or coverage. I clean my walls--- prime with a quality primer--- use quality tools---take my time and IÂd have to say IÂm a dang good painter if I do say so myself----- so IÂm at a loss.

Any suggestions? Melissa

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