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Source for long skinny buffet mirror?

IÂve decided I need a long skinny mirror, hung horizontally, over my new-to-me CL walnut buffet. I posted it recently to ask about buffet lamps, and received many kind replies about the artwork not being massive enough for the weight of this piece. Several people mentioned a mirror. Though I have numerous vertical ones, none that worked for this place. I still want to keep all the artwork in the same area, but decided a horizontal mirror right above the buffet would "ground" them better: then move the art upwards.

I think I will have to frame something myself to get the right look. (I am trying not to spend the big bucks right now either, having just done it on the dining room set). I can find the length I need fairly easily, ~ 60 inches. But skinny?

The best IÂve found so far is one from Ikea that is 65 x 10. This one is beveled, which I DO want. The bevel is kind of narrow, though, so I could not frame it in the regular way: the lip of the frame would cover too much of the bevel. I would have to mount it to a board and then nail molding around the edge. Not quite sure about the best way to attach the mirror. Also not sure about what molding I could find that I could stain that would look good with walnut. Surfing LoweÂs HD and Menards all the carved moldings (actually stamped) were pine or oak. Pine does not stain well and oak would be too textured.

Before I get in over my head and start ANOTHER project I canÂt finish (sigh...), any other sources I should check?

Here's the buffet again:

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