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Painting cast-iron radiator?? Color choices? Suggestions?

17 years ago

All of the cast-iron radiators in this house are pretty much the same in color--most don't look like they've ever been painted--gives them sort-of an oil-rubbed-bronze look. I love it. The only one that doesn't match was in the upstairs bath--someone painted it baby blue!! We had it sandblasted last week and it's now sitting in a friend's garage (where he paints cars) waiting for us to choose a color to paint it. I want a paint color to match the rest in the house--sort-of a brownish/ORB finish that looks like metal--not paint. Any ideas?

Here's some in our house--I actually prefer the look in the first one, although the flash has significantly yellowed it--it's much more of a rich brown than that gold-hue--the second one is painted some type of gold, I guess??:

My BIL works for Sherwin-Williams and said he can get any kind of paint you could want for this thing--I thought maybe Rust-Oleum would be the way to go to get a "metal" finish, but he said I can just go pick the color and he'll get the paint.

Any ideas? Brands, colors, types of paint?


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