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Two Jewelry questions

12 years ago

Help. Please.

I have a lot of jewelry and it's all over my bedroom. There are two jewelry boxes, a drawer full of pieces in little individual boxes, a basket with bracelets, a box of pendants, well, you get the picture. It's all unorganized and scattered and a mess.

And my cousin just gave me a whole bunch of costume jewelry that was our grandmother's and great-grandmother's and a bit of her mom's (my aunt) that Cousin doesn't want.

Clearly, I need to declutter a lot of it. So my first question is, where does it all go? There's a bit of sterling silver and a teeny, tiny bit of gold. Is it worth trying to sell that? Where would I go to sell it? Does anyone know if Salvation Army/Goodwill will take donated jewelry? Some of it can go to my nieces for dress-up, I think.

Second, once I get it all down to a manageable amount, the stuff that I will reasonably wear and a few sentimental pieces (my mom's wedding ring, that sort of thing) any suggestions on how to store it? Closet storage is out--old house, tiny closet. I don't want or have space for a jewelry armoire. I don't want to look at it all the time, so making a decorative hanging of it on the wall is out (this seems to be the most popular suggestion on the 'net these days). I'm open to any out-of-the-box ideas anyone might have. I really would like to keep it in one place and have each piece easy to find and retrieve.

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