Ikea wardrobe for back hall?

14 years ago

Has anyone used the Ikea wardrobe system? I had been planning to build a closet in the back hall off the garage. But DH suggested using a wardrobe instead, as its less work for him, and I saw these on Ikea. I have a total of 64" wide and 9' ceilings. For depth I could do all 13"D or do the ends in 13" and the middle section in the 23". This would be for coats, shoes, gloves etc and then in one or one side for extra storage for cans, boxes, dishes etc as my kitchen is adjacent to the garage and hall. I have white painted oak cabinets and white trim. I do have touches of black and walnut furniture. What do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea

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