How High Is Your CoffeeTable?

12 years ago

WeÂre making a new coffee table for the living room. We have an antique dining room table base.

Well, we have most of the bottom of the table... itÂs in three pieces and has missing parts. So weÂre making the missing parts for it, and when the base is done weÂll start the top. The base is walnut and the top will be walnut as well...

Originally I was thinking of making an oval, but has since changed my mind to a rectangle shape for the top. HereÂs my question, our current table is 16" high and the sofa cushions top out at 18"

I was thinking of making the new table  20-21" high?

Does anyone have a high coffee table? The base is lovely and I want to be able to see it. I also want to do something different. WeÂre making oversized turned legs for it, so that if it looks to high we can cut it down.

Does anyone have a high coffee table? What do youÂll think of a high table?

Would you please post picÂs of your coffee tables and state the height.

BTW, is this height considered a tea table?

Thanks, Joann

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