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Best tips and recipes that your family love?

10 years ago

I want to thank all the wonderful folks in this forum who gave generously their recipes. There's a great tip from Arley (see below) who advised to cut a slit along the bone in the chicken thigh, so they cook better.

That tip saved my family from getting gross out with red blood inside chicken thighs. It's a healthy tip ... thank you, Arley! Also thank you, Annie, for all the great recipes you gave, including how to make bread crumbs.

From Annie: "To make dry breadcrumbs, spread coarse or fine breadcrumbs on a baking sheet and bake at 250�F until dry, about 10 to 15 minutes. One slice of bread makes about 1/2 cup fresh breadcrumbs or about 1/3 cup dry breadcrumbs."

I re-post what Arley wrote below ... great tip & fast recipe:

�Posted by arley (My Page) on
Tue, Jan 1, 13 at 14:48

I learned how to make 'fried' chicken thighs from a recipe by Jacques Pepin. I find that the 14" nonstick aluminum skillet from Sams Club (around $27) will hold a five pound value pack of chicken thighs (usually less than $6).

1. Take a chicken thigh, skin on, and place it skin side down on a cutting board. Make incisions about a half inch away from the bone, about a half inch deep, parallel to the bone, on either side of the bone. This flattens the piece of meat somewhat.

2. Sprinkle the flesh side of the chicken with seasonings. Be generous. Pepin uses salt & pepper, and that's fine; I've used chipotle powder in addition to or instead of the pepper, Penzeys' granulated garlic, Montreal Chicken spice mix, lemon pepper (Penzeys' salt free lemon pepper blend, 'Sunny Spain', is excellent) and what's really terrific is Penzey's southwest seasoning 'Arizona Dreaming'.

3. Put the thighs skin side down in a cold nonstick skillet. Cover the skillet and turn the heat to high. When the meat starts to sizzle, turn the heat to medium to medium high. Cover and continue cooking for about a total of 16 to 18 minutes.

4. If after 18 minutes the flesh side still looks not quite done, flip the thighs and fry them flesh side down for a minute or two. Remove from fat and serve.

That's it. About 30 seconds to prep each thigh and about 20 minutes to cook them. Bon Appetit! "

What are your best tips and recipes that your family love? Thanks in advance.

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