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baked and roasted - better in gas or electric?

15 years ago

Okay - here's the scoop. My oven quit last night. I was totally PO'd because I had put a pot roast into a nice toasty oven and 90 minutes later when I went to add the veggies the oven was stone cold. It is an old piece of carp, so not worth fixing.

I've spent most of today reading the appliance forum, epinions, talking to sales people, etc. and the conclusion I have come to is I trust you all more than any of those other sources.

I currently have a gas stove/oven combo so I know what that is like. I grew up with electric oven and cooktop but it has been a long time since I used them. The "dual fuel" things intrigue me and I can probably get DH to swing for one if it isn't many thousands.

Some of the comments I read on the Appliance Forum indicate that electric is better for cakes, cookies, etc, but for getting a nice crispy brown and moist interior on a roast chicken or beef many of them say that a gas oven is better. WHat is the consensus here?

To add to the confusion, I am planning to get an over the range microwave that must be recirculating. There is no way to exterior vent. Again, I can probably talk him into a micro/convection so I could use 2 "ovens" in a pinch.

I checked out the GE Profiles at Lowe's today and they are pretty slick. Of course, for $3500 I would expect them to be nice! LOL!

I would love recommendations from all of you - please feel free to add your experiences and if possible recommendations of brands/models.



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