How to stay organized when everyone else isn't.

14 years ago

I thought that was a funny title. Since I'm living here at least until May, I decided I should keep this house looking nice. Unfortunately, I am being followed by a small force who leaves piles of chaos where I try to create order.

(Well, she's not really "small". She's only two inches shorter than me. And she did carry me for ten months so I have the deepest respect for her. And if she ever found out that I come to this forum to figure out how to contain her mess, she would cuss me out worse than I cuss out that crazy guy who shows up in our back screen porch every couple of days. How does he get in there?)

Back to my point. I've made a lot of progress over the last few weeks. It's definitely a trial and error situation. Tried to organize the bar. Got cussed out. Tried to organize her junk drawer. I was actually praised for that, but in less than a day, it was back to its original state. Tried to organize the pantry. Got cussed out for that too. But my dad reorganized it and she complains, but has actually stuck to the new system. So I have left all of the kitchen drawers alone and I left the attic/computer room (where I am now) alone. Of course the storage part of our attic is in danger of caving in so I might need to start working on that. I found this great paper filer thing that teachers keep on their desk in my garage. So I cleaned it and put all of her papers that were strewn about the kitchen in it. I hope she likes it. So, how do you stay organized when others aren't?


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