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Do you use files and file cabinets or something else?

17 years ago

I am stuck with a two drawer file cabinet that is very deep. I can't get rid of it but I am not file oriented. I use it for deep storage, things I need to keep but may only refer to once a year.

I keep investment statements in a binder seperated by tabs. My bills get piled on a shelf in my kitchen until I pay them..usually online. Then they move to an unlidded box until the next bills come in. Once I know my payment has been rec'd, I shred the previous months.

In the stack of unpaid bills I also have items that I am procrastinating on such as credit card offers, solicitation for donations, subcription renewals. Each time I pay bills I quickly sort thru these to see if I've come up with a decision. If not, back in the stack they go.

What do you do? Is it working?

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