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Please Help Furnish Old Ugly Bay WIndow

13 years ago

I've been a lurker for years and I'm so excited to be a poster now. I look forward to having everyone's help updating an 80's style that is in my comfort zone to suit a 20 something daughter over the next few months. I have another post going for paint color suggestion.

I'm stuck on how to furnish and accessorize a few areas because they are so indicative of the 80's and DD likes modern, but visions for any room are welcome so I can start scouring the stores for nice pieces.

Dilemma number one is right there as you walk in. The old style railing and bay window. Most living will probably go on in the family room further up front. What would make this a really attractive area that says wow when you enter?

Dilemma number two is the hall bedroom with the shelves. It will be occupied by a college friend for now. I doubt they have *that* many books to fill up two rows. The room is small, and I can't come up with a way to update and really make use of the space. It also has a chair rail, as does the adjoining small hall bedroom next door.

The last dilemma, at least for now is adding a breakfast bar or island to the kitchen, so there is a place for a quick coffee besides the gazebo. Would you place a small bar/island by the pillar and slightly obstruct the path to the dinette, or have a small work island plus put a small bistro near the french doors and visually block the entry to the family room from the kitchen.

Please help get a flow going and make the place great!

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of the house in its empty state

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