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Do you like the geographic area where you live?

14 years ago

Reading about missmaggierock's family who lost electricity for 20 days and the other posts about the tornadoes in Oklahoma and the snow and ice storms.... made me realize that I really like this part of the country.

Where I live in New Jersey, I'm only a few miles from Philadelphia, 60 miles from the beaches at the Jersey shore, and about 2 hours from New York City, the Poconos and the Pennsylvania Dutch areas in Lancaster. Although we do have a few weeks of humid weather in the summer on the whole the weather patterns here are fairly liveable. Spring is glorious, fall brings those wonderful crisp autumn days and even our winters have been uneventful for a number of years. I think we only had 2 days of snow last year.

There have been rare hurricanes in the area but not as severe as other parts of the country. And we did have a mild earthquake in 1973, so mild that most of us slept through it.

Do you like where you live or would you want to move?

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