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removing lathe and plaster, insulating, drywalling

17 years ago

Hi. My wife and I just bought an old century plus home this past Fall. The walls are the old lathe and plaster style, and even though they are in decent to good condition I really want to repace them next spring or summer with drywall. My reasoning for this is twofold, the first is basically just asthetic value, I personally do not like the look or feel of lathe and plaster walls. Secondly and most importantly I might add is that I'm very confident that there is little if any insulation behind these walls. Which living in Ontario Canada adds up to a very expensive heating bill the month of December was atrocious and the temperature averaged above freezing! Drywalling and insulating I have done before so I know more or less what to expect eith it, but removing the lathe and plaster is something I've never experienced, what should I prepare for and what is the best methods to remove it? Also if anyone has any other suggestions of things I could do or try to resolve the issue (such as other insulating methods), I would gladly hear them. Just remember that as in most cases money is an issue : )

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