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Painting kitchen island; need help with colors

15 years ago

Hi! I'm newly registered here, but I've been lurking for some time, and picking up some great ideas. I was hoping someone would have some ideas about an island we plan to paint.

We're currently doing a bit of an update to our kitchen. So far, we've put in wood floors, replaced some of the white appliances, (though the white refrigerator will likely remain for awhile) and we're about to order granite countertops. The paint color on the walls is currently a burgundy color, but we plan to change that to perhaps a sage or a light wheat color, though we really haven't decided yet. And we haven't even gotten close to deciding on a backsplash, but again, probably something light.

The cabinets around the perimeter of the kitchen are a light-stained maple, and they'll remain the same, except perhaps for a few trim details. The large center island will be "gussied-up" with some beadboard panels and legs on the corners, and that will all be painted. But we're having trouble selecting a paint color for the island.

My husband would like a distressed black, but I want to use a waterborne like BM Impervo, which doesn't come in dark colors. Are there any waterbornes that do? We're not opposed to another color, like a burgundy or a green, but we're nervous about choosing something that will turn out awful. (I just can't visualize colors that well.) The other option is an off-white, but I'm freaking out at all the different whites. I don't want anything that will look "dirty" or out of place with our white trim, but I don't what a white-white island either. Should I even worry about a white island clashing with white trim?

I've attached a photo of our kitchen as it is now, and also a photo of the granite we're getting, with one of our maple doors in front of it, and an off-white door that the granite store had lying around, which looks good with the granite, I think, but on its own seemed too yellow for our trim.

If anyone has any suggestions for the color of the island, I'd love to hear them ... or even wall color suggestions. I'm really bad when it comes to this stuff.

Thanks so much!



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