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does your partner/spouse compare your cooking to his/her mothers?

15 years ago

If so, does it bother you? My ex did (and still does) this with almost everything. This weekend, I brought him some pecan pie. I almost fell over when he said, "It's lacking nothing. I think even my mom would be impressed. You did a great job on this and it's exactly how it is supposed to taste!" High praise from him indeed. I'm still in shock. I told him anyone can follow a recipe and that I didn't do anything special... I should have lied and said I made the recipe up out of my own head! A list of things he told me aren't as good as mom's:

Apple pie

Chicken soup

Cookies, peanut butter, chocolate chip, and oatmeal rasin

cake, any kind, he can "taste" shortening, heaven forbid I use it in ANYTHING... even pie crust



pumpkin pie (even if I triple the brand new freshley ground spices, they aren't strong enough for His Majesty)



mashed potatoes

homemade bread (which he gets and eats at least once a month)


Can't think of anything else at this time, but I am sure there is something more. I think he just romanticized the way his mom used to do (and still does) things and nothing else no matter how good will ever compare. I just have to know that nothing I do will ever be good enough and that will never change! So... has that happened to you too? Your partner compare your cooking to good ol' moms? Do you "accidentally" spill food in their lap or ask for mom's recipe?

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