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The Party is Over!

The double birthday party for the one year old Alyssa and Kolston is over and it was a success! Probably at least 50 or more people there. We did not run out of food as I thought we might, but not a lot of hot food left. The little ones were very nice to their smash cakes, no one made a real mess. Alyssa was so happy when she saw the number one candle on her cake and it was lit. When they blew it out and took it away, she cried and cried. She wanted her candle. All she did after she got settled down was poke her cake a time or two and taste it. Since today is her real birthday, they are going to try the smash cake again. They both received so many nice gifts. They each got a plastic lawn chair. Kolston's was blue and Alyssa's was pink. They sat in them after opening the gifts. Kolston got up, got down on one knee and it looked like he was proposing to her as they were both looking at his hands in front of him. Then he got up and wanted to kiss her. Alyssa would have none of that and started to cry. His Mother had to pull him away. It was so cute and they have pictures of it. It was very tiring but so much fun. That was my day yesterday after going to church first. How was your day?

Sue in Sunny Indiana

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