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An older couple... typical shoppers

14 years ago

Couple weeks ago I was in a Target store and decided to see what the promos were in the "Club Event"* area (formerly called Value Valley). Sometimes they have some decent deals as is but the best time is to catch them clearing it out. Last year I hit them at 50% and 70% off the promo prices so there were some bargains to be had.

Anyway this older couple walk out of an aisle and apparently she had stopped and was looking at something they weren't looking to buy and there was a bit of an argument. Well, you know, that's all PART of it... it's part of SHOPPING!!! and his response was NO, you GET IN and GET OUT!!!

I had to laugh. Quite typical! But still quite humorous.

*I also got a kick out of their signage. Obviously they're aiming directly at the Sam's/Costco shopper with the promo. They had big signs up saying "NO Membership Fees" and a couple other (totally true) jabs.

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