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8 years ago

Looking for advice on window treatments for the cozy (small) master bedroom. Several of you were kind enough to chime in on paint color a couple of weeks ago. I think I mentioned at that time that I wasn't ready to "decorate" yet. Of course in the snowball effect that any minor decorating change seems to cause, I since decided that I need some pretty window panels, I've had an electrician out to move an outlet over so I could rearrange furniture to allow me to center the bed under the window so the panels would look OK. So now I am ready for curtains (and pillows and maybe a new throw and I want a bigger rug, but we'll start with curtains). The cherry furniture and bedding won't change, but it's white so easily decorated around. There are just two windows, here are pics of both of them.

And because my iphone hates to take pictures into the sunlight here is the other side of the room so you can see the color of the wall and wood a bit better
As you can see, my neighbors are in pretty close proximity, so if I really need privacy I will close the blinds. The panels are mostly just decorative and will likely stay stationary. Originally I wanted to add in a pattern to spice things up. Anything from a bold black and white toile or damask, to a quieter pattern in a blue green tone on white. However, I like the calm relaxing vibe of the room now so am wondering about just plain white. So here are some ideas:

I love these Pottery Barn Smocked Drapes. They are sheer, but I think that will look really pretty and the top will mimic the pintucks on the duvet cover (and currently on sale!)

Here is a patterned panel that is less sheer

Here is a black and white damask

Contemporary Living Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Niche Interiors

Or I could just get the Ikea white curtains. I have a pair of these and they are nice for the really low low price.

Or options that I haven't thought of? I am "decorating" a different room so don't want to spend much on this one.

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