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Do you write companies for coupons?

13 years ago

I do.

Products that I use all the time in my kitchen I go online to their websites and look for the 'Contact Us'.

I start by complimenting them on their product that I use and honestly tell them what I think about it. A lot of products I have grown up with, give me a feeling of still baking with Mom.

Then I simply ask if they provide coupons to families and that I would be most grateful if they would consider my request for some. I include all my postal details and then submit the request. Companies that do give coupons only send them to your household 1 x per year.

In Canada:

Campbell's soups - yes

Chapman's ice cream - yes

I'm still waiting to hear back from a bunch I've contacted today. Will be checking what's in my pantry to contact more.

A penny saved is a penny saved.

Have you had any success doing this? What companies have responded to you?

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