What are you a stubborn purist about?

9 years ago

We've had some pretty heated threads about some pretty goofy things here over the years. The grilling thread got me to thinking about the ways in which we are such a diverse and contradictory lot � so open-minded and adventurous in some areas and so vehemently opposed to what we consider breaches of food integrity on the other.

What are you a stubborn purist about?

A big one for me is LAMB. I adore lamb; sometimes I think I enjoy it more than a ribeye steak. When it's prepared properly, it's completely out of this world.

Lamb. Does. Not. Need. MINT. JELLY. EVER.

Steak: Medium Rare Maximum. Anything cooked more than that is an insult to the cow and a waste of money.

Salt: I can't stand the standard, iodized table stuff, so I only use kosher salt or any of a number of sea salt varieties. And fresh ground black pepper.

French Onion Soup that tastes like it was made of ocean water. We get it, it's time consuming to make proper caramelized onions, but showering the onions in a ton of salt to expedite the process ruins the food. French onion soup that comes from a can is just blasphemy, 1800mg per serving of sodium, really!!

Sauces: Sauces are meant to enhance the flavor of the item, not overwhelm all other tastes in the mouth. Ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, French sauces, any sauce, even hot sauce are fine in minimal quantities. It frustrates me when I see people go, "I love [insert nationality] food" or "I love this dish" and then proceed to cover everything in a hot sauce from a bottle.

Cheesecake. It must be New York style, no berries, or sauce of any kind.

Hot dogs. Must be cooked over the fire (can live with broiled). Never, ever boiled!

I'm sure I'll think of plenty more.

K, kids, have at it! What are you a stubborn purist about?

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