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Tissue Paper Wall Treatment with Silver

16 years ago

I am about to embark in a mission that I have never been on ... faux wall treatment. I am an amateur, please keep that in mind. Talk to me slowly and with great detail. :-)

We are in the final phases of a kitchen remodel, Cherry cabinets, Impala Black counters, satin nickel and stainless steel appliances and hardware.

When done, the kitchen will have an Asian feel, simple lines, natural stone, textures and horizontal lines. I want to treat the wall leading into the kitchen and dining area a silver tissue paper treatment. There is a kitchen display at The Great Indoors near my home that I just love. This is a photo of it...


A closeup of the treatment...


This is the wall I will be treating. All that nasty vinyl wallpaper has been taken down as well as the art print. The paneled pantry door will be replaced with a 15-lite door with a rice paper film applied. Not exactly sure what we will do with the other door which is for our furnace and A/C. Any suggestions would be great. The wall is primed and ready to go...


As noted above, I have never done anything like this. I have examined the store display quite closely and I'm certain it uses tissue, not brown paper. I know I will need lots of tissue paper (can I get that at Michael's?). It appears they painted the tissue silver and then put a black glaze over it and then immediately wiped it off to give some dimension to the look. But that is just a guess on my part.

What do I need to know to do this right? Should I paint the wall or the tissue a medium gray and then the silver followed by black?

I've seen silver paint in plastic jars for between $20 and $35. I have no idea if black glaze exists, but I would think it does.

What supplies will I need? What pitfalls might I face? I'm a very detailed oriented person (much to my contractor's dismay :-) so feel free to load me up on details. LOL


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