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Bosch 500 Dryer finally working & a warning about your dryer lint

17 years ago

Well, we bought that Lint Eater from hoping this would get the lint out of our ducts. We were told that lint stuck in the dryer duct was the problem that prevented our Bosch 500 from working and erroring out (E:01) every few minutes. For $55 we got the lint eater and tryed it but it kept getting stuck from both ends in the duct: outside the home going in and inside going out. I thought it was getting caught on the duct itself. Boy was I wrong. After 2 extrememly frustrating hours I gave up, packaged it back up and sent it back to Smarthome.

I reluctantly called the dryer duct people in my area thinking the $119 they charge was alot. They came the very next day, started cleaning out the 23 ft long dryer vent to the outside with compressed air I think it was, when it got stuck too! You couldn't imagine how much lint came out of there before it got stuck. It was stuffed with 19 years of dryer lint! Here's a pic of the duct cleaning guy in the pitch black cleaning up the mess when he was done. It filled 25% of a large trash bag.

Here's some leaves mixed in with the lint he picked up after it was blown out behind the house:

Here's the bag on our garage floor filled up 25%:

Our happy machine :o)

I was in shock that there was so much lint in there. He kept trying and trying, came inside and had to start it again inside with another compressed air device. It got stuck again but he never gave up. Finally, a TON of lint came out and now the dryer works perfectly. So much air now comes out of the dryer vent behind our home, it's amazing how little came out before in comparison.

He said it was a very unsafe situation and our old machine could have easily started a fire. I am so relieved our Bosch 500 works now. If it wasn't for the Bosch technology and it's agonizing erroring out after a minute of so of use each time, we never would have thought to have our duct cleaned out.

Thanks to all you and be forewarned, if you have an older home like ours (built in 1987) and never cleaned your dryer duct, I HIGHLY recommend you do this and soon! It might take a professional if it's been a long time. Now I'm considering having our heater/A/C whole house ducts cleaned too. They want another $190 for that. Still not sure... The heat works fine.

Steve R

Silver Spring MD

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