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Have You Checked Out Your Dryer Lint Filter & Vent? Check Out My

13 years ago

The home we bought, built in the late 60's came with an early 80's gas dryer. I've never had a gas dryer before but had been told by many that it was suppose to dry quicker than electric dryers.

Once we closed on the house and I was able to get in there to "deep clean" I found the dryer filter had a LOT of lint in it, or should I say, under it - including a sock. How these people didn't end up with a dryer fire is beyond me I swear, there was about 8" deep of lint. I also cleared out the duct from the back of the dryer to the wall where it attaches to the duct work under the house.

After doing this, the dryer just didn't seem to be heating much better. I would do a load of clothes and would have to put it on more than one cycle, and the first cylce should have been more than enough time wise to dry the clothes. It was very frustrating, not to mention costly with having to use more gas than I thought should have been needed.

I read to see if it's the unit, or the exhaust to remove exhaust tube and dry a load of laundry with the hose not hooked up to the dryer, which we did. It worked great! Today my contractor and I cleaned out the rigid metal tubing that vents outside. And with that, well, this is just a little of what we went through today.

These are just a couple videos and pictures, which was done after pulling out a load of lint from the inside out. Please turn down your sound - it's a bit loud, me AND the drill!

This is some of what first came flying out, landing on the ground

This was at the end, when my contractor pushed from the inside out and on the "out" end he had his shop vac sucking out the lint

If you haven't cleaned out your vent duct work, please do, and do check this out as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lint Fires

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