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Why does so much lint escape dryers?

15 years ago

This has been SUCH a pain since I've lived in this house. Its 4 yrs old. The way it's designed, the laundry room is in the middle of the house thus the dryer vents through the roof. About three times a year, I go look on top of the house at the dryer vent cap, I can see lint collecting around the edges. I got up on the roof ONE time and the roof has such a steep pitch it SCARED the crap out of me but I was successful in cleaning the lint sticking around the edges of the roof cap. The way the venting runs is straight up the wall to the attic about 10 feet, then a 40 degree turn, then about another 10 feet to the roof. When in the attic the run looks good with rigid metal piping. Still, my main question isn't that what the dryer LINT SCREEN is for? Why is so much lint escaping the dryers lint screen?

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