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Wrong Kitchen Colour Help!!! Unique Situation

11 years ago

Hi everyone. Here is our story. We bought our kitchen 6 years ago. We picked the kitchen colour from our kitchen installer directly. They call it Antique White
which they say is the same as OC-25 Cloud Cover.
On our order form and contract we signed it clearly has Antique White. We were going through a major renovation so I needed to match all my trim to the Kitchen colour as we have an open concept.
My designer asked me to pick up a sample board from the kitchen company. At that time did not know it was OC25. I got the board and the compatible trim colour she choose was Cloud White.
Our kitchen we picked was one from of the models in the Kitchen Suppliers Showroom. The one in the showroom was more a buttery cream colour. It is the kitchen cabinets own colour called P-2005. We picked
The design of kitchen but we said we want the Antique White not P-2005. All fine that is what was written on our order form.
They installed the kitchen. Right away my husband said to me the colour looked green to him. Our light was weak and I said it is probably just our lighting.
All these years we thought it was just our lighting and the colour of countertops (browny tone) and the cream of our walls and floors that were effecting the colour of our kitchen.
It just seemed yellow all the time. I needed to do a touchup to one of the cabinets that I had nicked with vacuum cleaner. I called the kitchen supplier and they gave me some touch of paint in Antique White.
When I put it on it was so much more white than our cabinets. So I thought maybe with age our cabinet colour had faded.
Then our neighbor was getting their kitchen done and they went to the same supplier as us and they also picked Antique White.
When I went to see their kitchen it was so white. My other neighbor even commented and said that their kitchen was a lot whiter than ours. Was totally confused now. Never in a million years did I think they messed up on the colour.
Then last year we decided to change our corbels to a more plainer style. My husband removed the old corbels and the kitchen company created us new ones in the Antique White colour.
When my husband installed them we noticed the difference in colour as clear as day. Even with age there would not have been this much of a difference.
Then my husband noticed something we had not noticed before. the mantel which was the original was in ANTIQUE WHITE. It matched the new corbels perfectly. So
All along our entire kitchen was in the wrong colour but the mantel they had installed from day one was our correct colour we had picked.
I am very colour sensitive and my heart sinks everyday because I realize my dream kitchen is not the colour I had chosen. Right now the mantel and corbels are the colour I had wanted all along so
I have visual everyday of what my kitchen should have been. I want to know what my options are. I really want the Antique White. We paid over 35,000 for our kitchen.
I want them to take the cabinets off and bake them in the correct colour. Is it even possible. I know it has been 6 years but we always thought it was our lighting. I said to my husband it does not matter if it is 6 years or two weeks it is still a mistake.
Please help need your advice on what my options are. The kitchen cabinet people are amazing.
I just want to know how to approach this.
Please any suggestions. We had all our house baseboards and trims to match our kitchen and they just don't. Really sad.

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