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Kitchen Paint, How would you handle this situation?

16 years ago

After several years of trying to plan a remodel on our kitchen, we've thrown in the towel and are selling the house.

During those years we've put off projects like paint, flooring etc as we always felt decisions hinged on what we're doing in the kitchen. Well, now that it's decided we started those projects with resale in mind.

We were getting paint quotes and one was from one of the largest, more highly recommended paint contractors in our area. I fully expected, based on reputation, that his bid would come in too high but hoped not, since I felt confident they would do a great job.

He was the 3rd quote so I knew the routine. We walked through the rooms and I chatted that we hadn't looked at colors but would go with neutral resale colors, probably tan for the bedrooms and keep the laundry room and entry white/off white as they originally were too keep them looking open, clean and bright. Fresh.

When we got to the kitchen, I told him I thought we would go with a white/off white too that I heard it was best to just give it a "clean slate" look for the next buyer. Then, for the first time, he offered an opinion. He asked why I didn't want to put a little color on to warm it up....said the older style "pickled oak" cabinets would just look more washed out with white. He went on to tell me how he buys and sells homes to flip, since he was a general contractor too. That he recommended a soft color with a hint of gold in it, and pulled out his color wheel. All the gold colors looked peach next to our cabinets so he told me to take a look while he figured out the total bid. I saw one that looked like a soft muted olive green, you know the color that is popular right now? Anyway, I held it up next to the cabinets and he looks up and tells me that I did a fantastic job finding it, and how it looked perfect. My husband agreed.

He gave us the bid, and to my surprise he was almost exactly the same as the lowest bid we had so we knew we wanted to hire him. He told us he could work us in the next week and to pick the colors. My head was spinning... I wanted a chance to pick the right thing, my husband said since it's resale basics it would be easy picks. So, in about 5 min we chose the bedroom shades and went ahead with the oliveish color for the kitchen.

I've had a nagging feeling about it since. Even asked DH if we should call him and just go back to the off white. He said it would be fine so we didn't.

The painting was completed yesterday while I was at work. They did a fantastic job on everything. Very professional job. I was pleased. But the kitchen color SUCKS. I don't like it at all. In fact I might even hate it. It looks as though 7up and Sprite got together and threw up in there. Limon is what I think they used to call it. It looks nothing like the sample I remember.

My husband said, well call him and tell him you want to repaint it and just go back to white like you originally wanted. We will just eat the additional charges. But I am feeling a little cheated. We paid big $ for professionaly painting and while I know I gave the go ahead on the color, it was based on his suggestion and in a hurry up manner, also based on him wanting to get it in the books then and there.

How do I handle this? Is it 100% my faukt and I will have to suck it up, or should I ask that he repaint it, since he sort of talked me into a color in there? Split the cost? If we didn't have sooooooo many things to do to get this house ready,but all these expenses are killing us!

Give me the truth, I can take it.

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