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truly instant on? cree lr6 and lr4?

13 years ago


Is it truly an "instant on" when you flip the switch on your CREE LR6s or LR4s? No delay as with CFLs?

I mean, even first thing in the morning, after having been off all night?

I'm starting to work out more of the nitty gritty details of our kitchen remodel, and am investigating whether the CREE LED recessed lights would make sense for us. While *not* CA, we are energy conscious. We saw the LR6 and LR4 on display and think either might work for us. (Our kitchen right now is stuck in the 1950's, so anything more than the current three 60 watt incandescents would be a brightness improvement!).

One thing that annoys me about CFL bulbs is the delay to come on after you flip the switch. That's why we still have the 3 incandescents in the kitchen--tried the CFLs but the delay was really annoying. If the LEDs are going to be just as annoying, then that'll be something to ponder.

Thanks in advance for any anecdotal opinions!


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