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LED down lights for 10ft ceiling, lumens, other ??s

9 years ago


I am in the midst of a major remodel/addition project, and I met with the electrician today. I have some questions about lighting the kitchen.

The kitchen will have 10 ft ceilings, light hardwood floors (natural oak), medium cabinets (natural cherry), stainless appliances, and light walls (light grey or green) and white ceilings. I don't know about the counters, probably a mid-toned granite, but no decision yet.

The kitchen space is approx 18 ft by 18 ft. All 10 ft ceilings (flat).

Reading up on lighting here on the forums, it seems that 35 lumens per s.f. is a general guideline for kitchen lighting. However, does this assume 8 ft ceilings? If yes, then how much do I need to increase from 35? About 30%? So, about 50 lumens per s.f.??

Very recently, we finished our basement, and, based on recommendations here, I had the (same) electrician use the Home Depot branded Cree CR-6 (2700K) can lights down there (in Halo housing, with lutron dimmers), and they are FABULOUS. The windowless basement is nicely lit up, cozy, and the dimmers are perfect. No buzzing, no flickers, etc. (I did push him to use more cans than he wanted to . . . not wanting a dim basement . . . So we put 16 cans in about 600 sf of space . . . I love it.)

Anyway, so I was blissfully planning on using the same lights for the new addition spaces, but my electrician tells me that I should consider higher output fixtures for those very high ceilings. Something like 800 or 1000 lumen instead of 600. UGH. I see I can get a CR6 in 800 lumen, so maybe that would work?

What are the rules of thumb for increasing lumens/sf for a taller ceiling . . . and what do you think about this idea of using different fixtures?

I am also going to have about 1000 sf of 9 ft ceilings in the new space (big inlaw suite), so I need to pick cans/LEDs for over there, too.

All told, it is a BOAT LOAD of lights to put in, and so the difference between $40/fixture for the HD CR6 600 lumen fixtures and 60-100+ per fixture for alternatives is not insignificant. (Rough guess is 60-70 can lights . . .)

So, anyway, what should I do?

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