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Anyone have pics of 10ft ceiling with 42in upper cabinets?

11 years ago

I just can't figure out ceiling heights and cabinet dimensions from looking at pictures. I never know if I'm looking at a room with 9 or 10 foot ceilings, and I can't tell the difference between 36in and 42in cabinets unless I can count shelves through glass (and shelf counting probably isn't the most reliable method either).

When I sat down to pick out cabinets, I was wavering about cabinet height. I'm still not sure what I would like best, but since we're over-budget I think my builder led me to a more budget friendly design. I'm not upset about it at all; I just want to see what I'm getting. DH and I can make sacrifices elsewhere if we're really not going to like the look. I keep looking at pics of kitchens with stacked cabinets all the way to the ceiling and I'm wondering if I'll regret not doing it that way. :-/

Anyway, this is what my builder has proposed. The top of all cabinets will be at the same height, and all regular upper cabinets will be 42" tall. The cabinets above fridge, shelf MW, and double oven will be in line with the top of the 42" single cabinets. I think this means that the top of everything will be about 8ft tall. He said everything in the room will line up- top of cabinets, top of door frames, and top of window. We will have crown molding on the cabinets and crown molding around the ceiling. I was worried about the amount of space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling, but he said that because of the molding it will look fine.

Can anyone post, or lead me to, pictures of this set up?


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