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Shelf depth/height for non walkin pantry

9 years ago

Our pantry is a space built over the basement steps. It starts at 34" from the floor and goes up to a 8' ceiling. It's 23" deep. What we just took out was 2 wire shelves 12" deep. DH both agree to do wood shelves.

I want 3 shelves the bottom 12" deep, then two shelves above 9" deep. Each shelf about 12" high. Too much got shoved in the back of the deep shelves and I would have to look through the wires to see what was in the back of the top one. The pantry was always a mess.

DH wants to do what we had only in wood.

Considering what I want to store there. Cereal boxes, canned goods, snacks. I think my idea makes sense.

Attached it a web site about pantries and show a diagram where I got the idea of the upper shelves being only 9 " deep.

Please tell me what you think.

Here is a link that might be useful: pantry design

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