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Peach Brandy Recipe from TGIF thread

13 years ago

Annie asked for this over in the TGIF thread so I thought I'd post in a separate thread in case anybody else is interested.

This makes terrific Christmas presents. If you make it now, you'll have some ready for giving. It only gets better with age. I've got about 1 pt left of my first vintage from back in 1992 and it is awesome.... a beautiful dark amber color now. I've only needed to make it about every 5 years or so.... I give some away, use for an after dinner treat or a little nightcap, and of course over icecream and cake it's divine!

Following is the recipe as it is in the book... my notes follow.


Louisiana Peach Brandy

1 wide-mouth gallon jar with top

10-12 peaches, washed but unpeeled

2 1/2 lbs sugar

1 fifth gin

Put peaches in jar. Pour in sugar and gin. Put top on jar. Leave in secure place. Every couple of days, twist jar around to help dissolve sugar. AFter about a week, add more gin to cover peaches. (Peaches will shrink) Taste after a couple of months. You may add more sugar or gin to taste. Remove peaches. (They are good on icecream) Strain liquid through several layers of cheese cloth so it will be beautifully clear. Bottle and enjoy. This may be made in July and bottled in November or December for Christmas gifts.

Yield: 3/4 gallon

Recipe from Mrs. Percy E. Roberts from the River Roads 2 Cookbook

My notes:

Use a good quality gin, if the jar smells like pickles don't use it, I think now that I know how heavily peaches are sprayed I'll look for organic.

Though the recipe says the the saturated peaches are good on ice cream, I pitch them... .... they look like little shrunken heads and I just can't imagine slicing and eating them!

The recipe says to put the jar in "a secure place"... I don't think that means safe from robbers or kids who might taste! So I put it in a dark cabinet where I know it won't be disturbed after I'm through swirling and getting things dissolved.


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