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Would you keep these chairs in my dining room?

10 years ago

Okay, Kevin, move over for a minute so people can talk about my dining room. ;)

I call it a dining room but we don't really dine here. It's really a library/game room/coffee room.

Here are my elements:

Table on the way, in darker stain color. Stickly Mission Oak.

Existing settee, not going anywhere.

I also have these two chairs to pull into use when necessary. They stay in the room but aren't always pulled up to the table because we eat here only once a year (if that).

Behind the chair you can see the bookcases that are also in the room; also Mission Oak. The table will be the same color as the bookcases.

The only other thing in the room is a dark brown leather club chair, in the corner by the bookcases.

Would you keep the chairs or get something else? I like an eclectic look, so I really, really am trying to avoid buying the chairs that match the table! (Esp. since they're very expensive.) I would recover the seats if we keep these chairs.

WWYD? And if you'd get new chairs, have any suggestions? I'm just not finding anything I love.

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